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Where would you like to breakdown? Nowhere of course! But if you are not performing regular maintenance on your car, you may find yourself stranded before you know it.

No matter where or when a breakdown occurs it is always inconvenient, costly and sometimes scary and dangerous for you and your family. The potential consequences of a breakdown make you realize that you must do absolutely everything possible to prevent a breakdown.

The secret to avoiding breakdowns and long vehicle life is keeping all your vehicles fluids fresh and clean and keeping the maintenance up to date.

Please keep in mind two things when it comes to vehicle maintenance.
1) Vehicle manufacturers primary goal is to get you through the warranty period with a minimum of repairs. After they have made their money from the sale of the vehicle and their money is made through financing the car, they want you to purchase another vehicle.
2) Fleet managers calculate the cost of vehicle maintenance into the total cost of purchasing a vehicle and by extending the maintenance the vehicle manufacturers can sell more cars and trucks to large corporations.

It is important for you to understand that because of these two factors, it is in the dealers interest to extend maintenance; However, it is not in your best interest if you are the type of person that keeps your vehicle for a long time and wants to squeeze every mile out of it.

We follow and recommend "Best Practices" when it comes to vehicle service and maintenance. These recommended service and maintenance standards come from your owners manual, from the "Society of Automotive Engineers" and MAP standards. The "Society of Automotive Engineers" are the same engineers that designed your vehicle, and their recommendations are sometimes more stringent than what is recommended in your owners manual.

Please call us for an appointment now to schedule your needed service. We have been keeping families safe since 1987.